Our Latest Customer Testimonials

“RJ is the best trainer I’ve ever had!  He has helped me stay focused on my fitness and nutrition.  I have a back injury due to a car accident and he has been incredibly mindful of my challenges because of it.  We’re at a point where we know which exercise regimen works best for me while meeting my long term goals.  He’s an excellent trainer…he has the knowledge, skill & patience to help you reach your fitness goals and an amazing personality!  I’m grateful for him because my health is doing much better since I’ve been training with him.”

– Patricia M.

“I have been working with RJ as my personal trainer for over a year. RJ is professional, knowledgeable, courteous and very systematic in his approach to training.  In our trainings, RJ began with posture and core strengthening, then worked into a full body workout and cardio.  During the year we’ve worked together I have had both surgery and injuries (unrelated to working out) and RJ has been cognizant of the need to adjust our workouts accordingly.  On those days when I lacked a little enthusiasm and motivation, I always left the session feeling glad I put in the effort—and inspired to continue my journey to fitness! I highly recommend RJ!”

– Andy K.

“RJ’s enthusiasm and passion for what he does is EXACTLY what’s needed when getting back into shape. Take it from me – I’d been out of the gym for years. His infectious personality is a bonus! He exudes positivity, is knowledgeable,  and gets results (if YOU want them).  Working out with RJ doesn’t feel like working out – it feels more like hanging out with your bestie making healthy choices together. I highly recommend RJ 😊”

– Kiani J.

“Having worked with Personal Trainers for the past 40 years, I have developed certain expectations and R.J. Pua has exceeded them all. HIs knowledge of proper form and movement is extensive and crosses over to any age group or physical level.

I appreciate R.J.’s ability to motivate me and make the sessions both challenging and fun. He is a dedicated, engaging, and energetic trainer. I look forward to our sessions and accomplishing the goals we have set. I cannot recommend R.J. enough. You will not be disappointed!”

– Sara R.

In my early 60’s, I joined a gym to tone up, strengthen my body, and increase my bone density. That’s when I met R.J. He was a perfect match for me. R.J. helped me improve my daily nutrition, and he always encouraged me and pushed me to meet the goals that we set together. He was always willing to respond appropriately to meet my needs, and he gave me his undivided attention during our training sessions. It was obvious that he loved to exercise, and that he loved teaching his clients. R.J. always had a huge welcoming smile, which matched his enthusiastic personality. I learned so much from him. I’m sure he is the best trainer around!

– Linda R.

“When first meeting RJ. I couldn’t help to notice what a happy person he is.

I talked to him about my health goals and difficulties in areas of fitness and he was a great listener, very considerate and professional. Each time I trained I remember thinking does this guy ever have a bad day?, and if so I would never know. The energetic vibe he has is contagious. It made me realize he would be the perfect person to train with my son who has autism. I talked to RJ about my sons medical condition and disability and told him it wouldn’t be an easy job. He responded by saying he likes a challenge and would like the opportunity.

My son has been training with RJ almost two years. They have built a great relationship. Currently we are doing coaching at a distance with video modeling that RJ put together. I know my son will look forward to the reinforcing one on one sessions again to get those high fives and pats on the back.

When my son randomly starts saying his name, I know he wants that positive feeling RJ gives to him. RJ helps you strive to be at your best, and who doesn’t want that?”

– K Schneider

“I absolutely loved my sessions with RJ. He caters to your personal needs, has a ton of professional knowledge, patience and energy. I learned how to stretch correctly and how to stretch every muscle group. I was looking to be challenged and each session pushed me to my max and provided a great full body work out. I very highly recommend RJ’s personal training.”

– Monica

“I met RJ stepping off of the treadmill when I noticed he was talking to my mother about training. I thought to myself, “I’m proud of my mom, but I don’t need training I know what I’m doing.” As us three were wrapping up our conversation about training RJ had asked me why I was at the gym so late in which I replied, “Oh I just wanted to get some cardio in to burn off the bag of hot cheetos I just ate.” To my surprise he informed me that artificial food such as cheetos just sits in your stomach there is no “burning them off”. I have not picked up a bag of hot cheetos since that day and it has been about a year now. RJ customized a workout plan for me with my intended goal in mind and even took the time to do extra research about which foods were good for my goal, which were not, and when to eat them. Training with RJ was the best decision I have ever made. He pushed me each work out and a lot of the time was right there next to me huffing and puffing. I truly recommend that everyone workout with a trainer, but I especially recommend it be with RJ. He makes you feel comfortable, confident, strong, and happy. I could go on and on about my experience with RJ and if I had not moved out of the state I would definitely still be training with him.”

– Dominique A.

“I would like to share with you a bit of the extraordinary experience of training and learning about exercise as well as eating with Eliana. I have had the pleasure of having some training classes with Eliana. Personally, her training was key, for the preparation for my competition in the International Physique League. Her incredible workouts helped me a lot, but also with her suggestions of an eating plan to I was able to reduce my body fat for the competition. Eliana contributed her knowledge of exercise and the eating plan. Something that I like a lot about Eliana is that she loves what she does. Eliana has an excellent way to motivate you and thus be able to achieve your physical goals. So without a doubt she is a great coach and motivator!”

– Luis R.